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FOCUS : Photography Institute in Kolkata | Photography Course in Kolkata
FOCUS, Photography Institute in Kolkata, Photography Courses in Kolkata

Welcome :

Welcome to the FOCUS, an institute for creative photography & digital imaging. This photography institute based in Kolkata provide an unique platform of learning to those, who interested in Professional Photography as well as to anyone, who looking for a way to simply enhance his/her skills.

Why learn Photography :

Photography is a unique and creative medium of self-expression. It is an art form requiring aesthetic sense as well as technical expertise. A hobby that can be made profitable by going professional by the talented.

With the explosion of the communication network, the growth of advertising and media and the fashion boom, and digital photography, it has now become a profession with great commercial value. Photos are an essential part in both print and electronic media. So this is an area offering great scope for those who have an interest and attributes needed to be a professional.

Being a creative medium, photography requires more of inherent talent for success than formal training. However training hones the inherent skills and help to shine in this competitive field with various specializations like portraiture, fashion and advertising photography, journalistic photography, wildlife and outdoors photography etc. Creating a commercial quality photography requires the skill for choosing and presenting a subject in a way to achieve the maximum effect with the appropriate equipment. One should have a definite know how of the angle, lighting and the latest equipments and technology to make a name in the field.

Be a Certified Photographer :

The course provided by the FOCUS has been designed with the professional skills and knowledge required to become a “Professional Photographer” or a serious “Amateur Photographer”. Our practical oriented course content, which is relevant for photography in the Indian context, will help you to simply enhance your skills and take better photographs. The course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you want.

This course has also been designed for students with little or no experience in photography. In fact, we always encourage beginner photographers. Because we constantly needs new talent.

Why learn at FOCUS ?

  • FOCUS is more like a GURUKUL than an Institute.
  • Reasonably small batch sizes so you don’t feel crowded and get individual attention.
  • Institute’s own studio with Modern Equipments. So more Indoor Practice.
  • Comprehensive syllabi for most complete and cost effective courses.
  • Workshop based & practical oriented course content.
  • Unlimited local trips.
  • Well located in South Kolkata, India.
  • Lifetime post training support. 

What’s required on your part ?

So, what is required of you to become a good PHOTOGRAPHER ?
  • An Interest in photography.
  • Ambition and enthusiasm.
  • The willingness to learn.

If you have these qualities, the FOCUS will provide you with the knowledge and skills to ensure your success.